2016 best portable vape

Storz and Bickel is the brand that people know and trust for their vaporizer needs.

The company is responsible for some of the best vaporizers on the market; Crafty and Volcano are two models beloved by all vaporizer users.

But, there is a new model in town that aims to build on the success of the Volcano and Crafty to make the best vaporizer on the market: The Mighty.

The Mighty Vaporizer incorporates all of the features you love, and provides a very unique look.

Before I go into my own Mighty vaporizer review, there are a few impressive specifications and features that you should know about.

Mighty Vape Specifications and Features

mighty vaporizer review


  • Automatic switch off.
  • Convection heat.
  • Digital temperature control and battery monitor.
  • Dual lithium battery.
  • 5” x 3.2” x 1.2”dimensions.
  • Weight of 0.5 pounds.
  • Temperature range of 105F – 410F.
  • Heat up time of 90 – 120 seconds (not listed).
  • Temperature consistency monitoring.

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Mighty Vaporizer Review

The Mighty is one of the larger, portable vaporizers on the market and is about twice the size of the Crafty.

One of the main advantages of the Mighty is that its larger size comes with immense battery life.

If you thought that Crafty had a long battery life, this model has double the lifespan.

Longer-lasting, the dual lithium battery lasts about 7 – 8 sessions before dying.

In my own tests, I have been able to use this model for 90+ minutes before it dies. This was done at a party with friends, so the draw variations may have affected the longevity slightly. In either case, this battery has exceptional power.

In terms of charging, pass-through charging is used, so you can use this model while it is plugged in. An average of 2 hours is needed to recharge the battery completely.

While larger than most portable options on the market, the Mighty simply can’t be matched in the battery department.

Unlike other models, you will not be able to charge the Mighty using USB.

Portable Yet Larger Than Most Options

This isn’t a desktop vaporizer, but it is one of the largest portable models on the market today. This model has a height of 5.5 inches with a length of 3.2 inches. In terms of depth, this model has a 1.2 inch depth. The weight is just 0.5 pounds (230 grams), so it isn’t heavy by any means.

Compared to the Crafty and Firefly, the Crafty weighs about 135 grams. The Firefly is a bit heavier at 240 grams, but the Firefly is stainless steel.

Concealment isn’t a strong point for the Mighty Vaporizer, but it isn’t meant to be a vape pen.

This model is perfectly portable and I have personally brought it to a friend’s house or out hiking without an issue. While it may not fit comfortably in your pocket, it will fit perfectly in a backpack or a larger purse.

Larger means a better vape experience and longer battery life.

I love this model because it is between a desktop and portable vaporizer. It’s not the size of a pen, but it’s not advertised to be. Instead, Storz and Bickel incorporated precise temperature controls, a long battery life and an exceptional vape quality into a model that is portable, but not quite small enough to fit in most pockets comfortably.

Trust me, it is worth the tradeoff.

Chamber Size and Packing

How much herb can you fit in the Mighty? About .2 grams. It truly depends on the grind of the herb also. If you have a grind that is super fine, you may be able to pack .3 grams of herb into the chamber without an issue.

A whole bowl can be vaped in just 4 – 6 hits.

The power button starts the unit (set the temperature now). When you’re done, it will recognize you’re no longer using the unit and power down automatically. It’s easy to use – extremely easy.

If you’re new to vaping, the Might vaporizer is the easiest to use on the market.

Filling up the chamber is really simple. There is a filling aid that is included that will allow you to load the herb quickly. Simply load the herb and attach the filling aid to properly pack it. Then, you just reattach the cooling unit and can begin vaping immediately.

Users that loved the way that the Crafty tackles filling will be happy to know that the same method is used in the Mighty.

Temperature Control and Heating Element

With the Mighty, we have seen that the manufacturer wanted to go the extra mile with this model. After all, they are known for being innovative. While the manufacturer states that this model utilizes convection heat, this isn’t 100% true.

Instead, the Mighty uses a hybrid approach to heating.

The moment it is turned on, conduction heat is used. This is done to rapidly heat the bowl to finish the pre-heating process as quickly as possible. Once the pre-heat temperature is hit, the unit will switch to the much-desired convection heating method.

It’s the best of both heating methods used in a new and fun way.

On the side of the unit, you’ll find the temperature control. This control should get every praise possible because most units don’t offer this level of temperature refinement. You want exactly 303F? You got it. You want 110F? No problem.

Temperatures can be adjusted from 105F – 410F.

You can adjust the temperate in the middle of your vaping session if you like. This is a great option, especially if you’re experimenting with different herbs. Every herb has different responses to specific temperatures, and there are different effects to the vapor produced.

It presents a lot of vaping options that other models simply can’t offer.

If you’ve used the Crafty before, you know that it takes a long time to heat up. This model isn’t quite as bad as the Crafty in terms of pre-heat time, but it does take 90 – 120 seconds on average. This isn’t bad, but it’s also not super-fast either.

It’s another tradeoff offered by Storz & Bickel.

Due to the precise temperature control, the unit will take longer to heat up. However, you will also notice that the draw consistency is exceptional compared to other units. A longer time to heat up and produce consistent, smooth vapor is well worth it.

Did I mention the LED display?

The front of the unit has an LED display that has Yellow and White lettering. The top shows the current temperature, while the bottom shows the desired temperature set earlier by the user. There is also a battery indicator and level on the system, so you will always know when to recharge the unit.

It’s nothing short of revolutionary.

Those that aren’t necessarily looking to use this unit for vaping can use this model as an aromatherapy vaporizer.

Plenty or Mighty

Which is better: the Plenty or Mighty?

The Plenty is a handheld model that comes with the industry’s most unique look yet. Another Storz and Bickel product, the Plenty is much larger at 7.9” x 6.1” x 2.4” and has a weight of 1.5 pounds.

Is this a bad vaporizer?

Absolutely, not. The Plenty is great for what it does, but it isn’t a portable model and doesn’t come with the same temperature control precision as the Mighty.

If you want a handheld model, the Plenty is a great option, but it is in a different category than the Mighty. Both produce great vape, but the Mighty offers the convenience of being more portable (much lighter and smaller) while offering overall better temperature control and quality vape.

Should You Buy the Mighty Vaporizer?

The million dollar question.

Is this model really that good? It’s one of the best in the world.

You won’t find many vaporizers that have the same small, compact size that allows portability and great vape with a battery that doesn’t need to be recharged until after 6 or 7 uses. In terms of ease-of-use, even a first-timer will be able to operate this unit without an issue.

It’s user-friendly, portable and uses a revolutionary technique to pre-heat.

Vape quality is always consistent thanks to the even heat distribution, and users will be able to take quick, smooth hits within just 90 seconds of starting the unit.

The Mighty is by far one of the best models in the industry.

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